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Matthew 19:23-30 NKJV – With God All Things Are Possible

Is it True That ‘With God All Things Are Possible’?

“With man that is not possible, however with God all things are possible,” (Matthew 19:26). Throughout the Bible, God’s people accomplish unfathomable obligations. God is most glorified through bringing an event to bypass which appears impossible.


“With God All Things Are Possible” Verse in Scripture

The Story

Matthew 19 recounts how a rich man asked “Teacher, what right element have I do to get everlasting life?” Jesus instructed him to preserve the commandments. (vs.16,17). The rich man claimed he had saved those; however wondered what more he had to do. Jesus spoke back “If you want to be perfect, move, sell your possessions and provide to the needy, and you may have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.” (v.21).

Jesus’ trendy of perfection was startling, even for his disciples who overheard this communiqué. When they requested about it, he stated, “With man that is not possible, however with God all things are possible,” (Matthew 19:26).

Perfection is not possible for everyone however Christ “for none is righteous; no, not one” (Romans 3:10). Riding a camel via the attention of a needle could be easier (v.24) than pursuing a blameless life.

What was the wealthy man alleged to do, then? No one would get into heaven on those words. Only the Son of Man is sinless, blameless, and best, but He reputedly contradicts Himself by putting forward that “all things are possible with God?” (Matthew 19:26). What did He suggest?

With God All Things Are Possible
Jesus *said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” Matthew 17:20.

The Meaning

Health and wealth are useless without an eternal courting with God. The wealthy man’s material treasures were a barrier between him and salvation: for this reason, Christ’s invitation to follow Him (Matthew 19:21). Our own route will not lead us to Heaven; most effective the direction that Christ made for us will.

“The rich young ruler did everything he should to earn everlasting life, however it wasn’t good enough. It is most effective through God’s grace that you can actually acquire everlasting life,” Aaron Berry stated in his Crosswalk article.

Salvation for eternity with the Father is the satisfactory gift; yet, there are other good gifts too.

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7 Impossible Things God Accomplished in the Bible

Throughout the Bible, God’s people accomplish unfathomable tasks.

1). Moses drew water from a stone (Exodus 17:6).

2). Barren women conceived (Sarah and Elizabeth).

3). Esther saved her Jewish family members from slaughter (Esther 3-9).

4). A virgin Mary, gave birth to the Son of God (Luke 1:26 – 2:7).

Moses, Esther, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Mary understood that nothing is greater than the power of God.

5). In Judges 4, God added Jabin and the Canaanite navy into the fingers of Israel, although the enemy army was mightier than Israel’s.

6). In 2 Samuel 5, David asked God if he ought to attack the Philistines. The Lord promised David to “supply the Philistines into your hand,” a promise He fulfilled. (vv.19,20)

God will defeat our physical enemies, but also conquers the ones we cannot see, as John Piper said:

“There isn’t any disorder, no addiction, no demon, no terrible addiction, no fault, no vice, no weakness, no mood, no moodiness, no pride, no self-pity, no strife, no jealousy, no perversion, no greed, no laziness that Christ will not conquer as the enemy of his honor.”

7). Job was a person of God who lost the entirety, however the Almighty “was able to do in Job’s life what was impossible by human try,” consistent with this observation.

Only God can accomplish anything really worth carrying out. That’s when God shows His power most formidably.

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Three Things to Remember about “With God All Things Are Possible”

1). Power to perform the impossible comes from God.

At first, one might credit the main characters in the memories above with victory, but the power comes from the Father.

“God by no means calls us to any kingdom responsibility we’re able to pulling off on our own,” Jon Bloom said in his Desiring God article.



2). The impossible is carried out for God’s glory.

The Lord is specific about how and in which He demonstrates that strength. None of these feats was gratuitous. God brought forth life-giving water, saved lives, and created life. All things are viable, but only some things are worthwhile in God’s economy.

God is most glorified by bringing an occasion to bypass which seems impossible, demonstrating that simplest His power is sufficient.

“Nothing teaches us prayerful dependence like the desperation that comes from being assigned to do what you cannot do without God,” Bloom stated.

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3). The impossible is achieved for our suitable.

Jesus wants followers to experience more than mere survival or material wealth as leads to themselves. He came to provide life in abundance (John 10:10); God “will make known to me the route of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; In Your right hand there are pleasures all the time,” (Psalm 16:11).


When We Pray the “Impossible”

All God asks is for us to invite Him into our masses so He can show His strength. When a trouble turns into worse and praying for decision seems unnecessary, Jesus says “maintain to invite, and God will provide to you. Continue to search, and you’ll discover. Continue to knock, and the door will open for you,” (Luke 11:9).

Remember all the times He brought the dead back to life – the synagogue chief’s daughter (Mark 5), the widow’s son (Luke 7), Lazarus (John 11), and His personal Son (Mark 16). He can flip any defeat into triumph: addiction to any drug or behavior; a wedding about to collapse; or a wayward child who appears too far from home to ever go back.

Erik Raymond wrote at The Gospel Coalition, “prayer is a blood-sold privilege for folks who agree with and treasure Jesus.”

Christians are invited into prayer, which is not similar to being given the warranty of God’s “certain” to each prayer. We can pray, ask, and beg Him to bring reputedly affordable and godly desires to fruition; however there may be no assure He will do what we ask. His purposes cannot be fathomed, nor his will manipulated, “for who has known the thoughts of the Lord, or who has been his counselor?” (Romans 11:34, ESV), however every good things comes from Him (James 1:17).

Our warm and close relationship with God is a gift. The potential to speak at once to the Father was once not possible, however as Jesus said: All things are possible with God (Matthew 19:26).

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Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers

Matthew 19 vs 26 Jesus beheld them.–We can definitely conceive something of the expression of that appearance. He had gazed thus on the younger ruler, and read his internal weak spot. Now, in like way, he reads that of the disciples; and the appearance, we may also agree with, tells of marvel, sorrow, tenderness, anxiety. Those feelings utter themselves in the phrases that follow, in part in direct teaching, partially in symbolic guarantees, in part in a parable.

With men that is not possible.–General as the words are of their form, we cannot assist feeling that they must have seemed to the disciples to have rebuked their hasty judgment, not as to the situations of salvation generally, however as to the person case before them. He, the Teacher, would nevertheless hope, as against hope, for one in whom He had visible a lot to love and to appreciate. Their wider teaching is, of path, that wealth, even though bringing with it many temptations, may be so used, through God’s grace, as to be a help, not a challenge, in that deliverance from evil that’s implied in the word “salvation.”

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Pulpit Commentary

Verse 26. – But Jesus beheld them (ἐμβλέψας, looking upon them). He grew to become on his disciples a glance complete of earnestness, sympathy, and love, soothing their fears and claiming their complete interest for a spiritual reality. With men (παρὰ ἀνθρώποις) this is impossible. Men in their personal strength, depend on their own natural powers, can’t save their souls or upward push superior to the snare of riches. From the entanglements occasioned by wealth, and the decreasing effects of its pursuit and enjoyment, the natural man is wholly not able to extricate himself. With God all things are possible. Here is the only answer of the difficulty. With the grace of God, and embracing the names of his windfall, the wealthy man may be delivered from his dangers, may additionally maintain a heart unspotted, may additionally use his wealth to God’s glory and his own everlasting suitable. So the impossibility is a conditional one, to be triumph over with the aid of due recourse to the help of God and the robust hope of the future life. How a wealthy man may be disciplined and improved we see in the case of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:8). Many such times have happened in our personal days, as in all Christian instances.




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