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What is the Prayer of Jabez? And Bible Verses

What Is the Prayer of Jabez? Bible Meaning and Verses

Who was Jabez in the Bible? What is the prayer of Jabez? Learn why the prayer of Jabez is popular these days and the Bible context of his story.


Who Was Jabez inside the Bible?

Jabez is a very minor person within the Bible. He was only ever cited a few instances, all within the book of 1 Chronicle. In 1 Chronicles 4:9-10, it’s miles said that “Jabez was more honorable than his brothers. His mother had named him Jabez, pronouncing, ‘I gave birth to him in pain.’” In Hebrew, the equal for Jabez name “he cause pain”. Also, in Jewish subculture, it’s far common to present symbolic names for one’s kids. So, for the cause that her mother took tremendous pain in giving birth to her son – more pain than the same old childbirth – she named him Jabez.

Also, in ancient Jewish customs, the name of someone somehow foretells his future. By naming her son Jabez, the mother might be giving a vision of what’s but to come for her son. She can also have visible that her son might have a bleak destiny, along with his life full of pains and sorrows.

However, this was not so. Jabez defied all odds, inclusive of his supposed destiny, and was a person of fervent prayer. He believed so strongly within the power of God that he cried out to him boldly.

Because of his exact dating with God, Jabez was described as honorable; in truth, “more honorable than his brothers.” For the writer of the book of Chronicles to say him, even in short, tells us of the remarkable individual that this man displayed all through his life. And the fact that he was named within the book mean he had a completely important position to satisfy as nicely.

What is the Prayer of Jabez
Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free .

What Is the Prayer of Jabez?

The prayer of Jabez is a very short but effective prayer cited in I Chronicles 4:10. It reads:


“Oh, that you would bless me and amplify my territory! Let your hand be upon me, and hold me from damage in order that I will be free from pain.”

Let’s have a examine the ones strains carefully and examine what they mean.

  • “That you would bless me”: Jabez knew that the God he believed in is the source of all benefits. For that purpose, he asked God to bless him. And those blessings are more than just fabric; they also can be faith benefits, like exact relationships, peace of thoughts, a compassionate heart, and a gentle demeanor, amongst other things. God blesses us with non secular as well as material blessing when we ask Him. So we should constantly be reminded that asking God for a blessing isn’t always a terrible issue.
  • “And amplify my territory”: Territory right here does not genuinely imply physical land. Jabez is more worried about making an impact for the Kingdom of God. It isn’t always a literal land territory. This won’t be apparent in the beginning glance, however whilst we have a look at the spiritual which means of this line, it’s exclusive. Jabez prayed that God would increase the territory of his heart, that it can overflow to those round him. He desired to reach others for the sake of God’s Kingdom.
  • “Let your hand be upon me”: Jabez recognized his confined, feeble nature as a person. Because of that, he knew he needed God’s help. He knew that God was all-powerful, so he asked God’s hand to be upon him – to guide him into the right course and to maintain him at some level in his adventure. In this line, Jabez acknowledges that benefits can best be correct matters on the subject of God’s hand. Without God’s hand leading and guiding us, the blessings would be a waste. They could not fulfill an excellent cause.
  • “Keep me from damage so that I might be free from pain”: In this line, Jabez makes a connection with his own name. Again, the Hebrew word for Jabez way “he causes pain.” With this, he renounced the awful meaning of his own name. He asked God to free him from damage in order that pain may not befall him. Perhaps Jabez needed strength, and who higher to appear to than God Himself?

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How Can We Pray Like Jabez?

We see in the next a part of the verse that “God granted what he requested.” God was venerated in the prayer of Jabez. He requested the right things from God. He also had the right mindset whilst he prayed.

For us to hope as Jabez did, we ought to first apprehend who God is in our lives. Do we know that He alone is the source of all blessings? Do we apprehend that God can give us appropriate benefits if we ask Him for them? It is vital to first compare what we realize about God so that we will approach Him with the right heart and mind. Otherwise, we may additionally pray for the wrong matters and end up pissed off while God says no.

Once we recognize who God is, what He’s capable of, and His function in our lives, we will then come to him with all confidence. Like the arrogance Jabez showed whilst he prayed for God to bless him and amplify his territory, we can ask God simply as courageously for big things. Once again, the right attitude here is essential. Jabez did not trying to find fabric wealth, so this prayer isn’t always a gateway to the so-known as prosperity gospel. God might not grant you 1 million dollars or 1000-acre property, but He is inclined to furnish you a heart like that of Jesus. He also needs to supply your heart a desire to unfold the Gospel to others. That’s an expansion of territory that genuinely puts a smile on God’s face.

Once we acquire His blessings, we ought to in no way neglect the Source. Often, we get so blinded with the good stuff God offers us that we forget about about God Himself. Jabez identified this, and so he also prayed that God will continue to take the lead and guide his way. If we ask God’s hand to be with us always, we will really take the right paths. And we are able to maximize our blessing as we cross along those right paths.

Equally crucial is asking God for safety from evil. There are many temptations and matters on this world that can distract us from the trails God leads us to. Because of those, we need His consistent masking over us. Remember that enjoying God’s benefits can best occur while we permit God to lead us too. Thus, we need to invite God to guard us from something that can take the lead as opposed to Him.

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What We Can Learn from Jabez?

Not best did Jabez understand who God without a doubt is, and not best did he have the right attitude when he prayed. Against all odds, Jabez also defied his meant future. He was a conqueror through what God has completed in him. He powered through the demanding situations life threw at him, and he venerated God by doing so.


We can be dealing with trials and discouragements ourselves. But like Jabez, let us discover ways to appear to the God we agree with. Ask that He might do notable things through us, and ask that He might be the one to guide us every step of the way. With that type of mind-set, actually, God will answer our prayers certainly.

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