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Is God a Merciful God?

What Does It Mean that God Is Merciful?

Mercy comes at a high rate: the very blood of Christ. Mercy is not God overlooking our sin. It is the loving redirection of the judgment of that sin to another. It is the brand new covenant in Christ’s blood that secures mercy for us.

The word mercy is one of these words that lots of us grew up listening to all the time, however we probable never absolutely understood it’s that means. If I had been in my grandmothers’ presence for any length of time, both might subsequently have purpose to name at the Lord with the well-known southern prayer, “Laud, have mercy!”

In that context, I knew precisely what mercy was. It was regardless of the Lord could do for my grandmothers to assist them not skin my hide. As the years passed and I matured spiritually, I started out to suspect that the word mercy possibly carried a miles deeper which means than my grandmothers’ utilized, in particular as it associated with God.

On more than one event, over the years, I even have found this to be proper as God each day presentations deeper and deeper depths of his merciful character in approaches that usually leave me in awe.

This is, in reality, the question which we’re searching for to answer. What does mercy shown about the heart and person of God? The place we are able to discover solutions to this question and others like it’s far in the word of God.

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God’s Wrath and Mercy

There are fewer greater shows of the merciful person of God than what may be seen within the life of Lot and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. The tale of Lot’s waywardness and rescue is one of these debts that leave me with an unsettled twinge in the caverns of my soul.

And just between you and I, I’m almost indignant that God could extend his hand of compassion to a man like Lot, however then the Spirit rings a bell in my memory that I’m additionally a person like Lot. What does this man’s life and, most significantly, God’s reaction to it screen about the God we declare to recognize and love?

In Genesis 19, we find Lot and his own family dwelling in a metropolis called Sodom. This may additionally imply little to you except you’re aware about the symbolism of the city. To this very day, the town and its popularity are what inspire our English time period, sodomy. The metropolis and its inhabitants are a photo of what the Creator’s beautiful world looks as if when it starts to resolve because of the curse of sin.

Sodom represents a world where men seeks to outline for himself what is ideal and evil, instead of trusting and yielding to God’s definitions. The Bible isn’t ambiguous about its evaluation of Sodom and its inhabitants whilst we are advised, “The men of Sodom have been depraved rather and sinners towards the LORD” (Genesis 13:13).

If that have been not sufficient, the description is repeated in Genesis 18:20, and we see that the wickedness is so remarkable that it demands the Lord’s judgment. Sodom is the antithesis of what God created within the garden, and but it’s miles here that we find Lot and his family.

Is God a Merciful God
Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to …

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The Need for God’s Mercy

However, Lot isn’t simply an inhabitant of the metropolis. The fact that we discover him, “sitting inside the gate” (Genesis 19:1) shows that Lot had a place of affect and leadership inside the town. He has manifestly become a part of the very cloth of the town.

Long earlier than Lot makes his mark on Sodom, plainly Sodom has already made its mark on him. When Abraham allowed Lot to choose the land of his desire, the Bible says that Lot, “pitched his tent in the direction of Sodom” (Genesis 13:12), which is an apparent clue that Lot’s heart and affections were bent closer to the town and the pleasures it afforded long before he made it his house.

Do you know human beings like Lot? It seems there are many humans, that irrespective of how many opportunities existence offers them, they always appear to be interested in degradation and impurity and those matters which the Apostle Paul referred to as “deeds of the flesh” (Galatians 5:19). Sodom represents all that’s damaged in humanity, and it was clean that the town merely displays the idolatrous affections in Lot.

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God’s Mercy for Lot

In truth, there is a totally diffused contrast revealed within the narrative of Lot which reminds us that this isn’t the primary time this story has been informed. When Abraham allowed Lot to pick for himself the land on which he and his clan would live, we examine that Lot chose the valley of the Jordan.

The valley of the Jordan is defined as being “just like the lawn of the LORD” (Genesis 13:10), and because of its Eden-like qualities, Lot claims it for his personal. Lot and the valley are paying homage to Adam and the lawn. And like Adam, there seems to be something in Lot that longs for more than what God, himself, has offered. Lot is attracted to Sodom like a magnet.

The boundless depths of Lot’s depravity keep to turn out to be he welcomes  strangers to town that are revealed to be angels on an assignment (Genesis 19:1). For a fleeting second, there appears to be a glimmer of excellent in Lot as he seeks to protect and guard the outsiders from the dangers of Sodom’s depraved men (Genesis 19:1-three).

But just as our wish in Lot starts to develop, we study of his deplorable plan to stave off the vile men who are pushed by means of their insatiable appetites. Lot offers to provide over his virgin daughters to the percent of wolves in exchange for the safety of strangers.

Thankfully, the Lord intervenes and overrides Lot’s personal mindless techniques, but plainly at every turn Lot is making decisions that cry out for God’s judgment upon him. Lot makes it clean for the informal observer to finish that if anybody deserves God’s wrath, it’s far Lot.

The angels tell Lot that they have come to Sodom to wreck it due to its wickedness however not before they lead Lot and his own family to protection. If I am analyzing this story for the main time, there is a detail of surprise that causes me great pause, however the marvel might not be for the motives you think. I am not amazed by way of Sodom’s drawing close doom, but I am bowled over by Lot’s rescue.

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God Is Just

The cynic in me says that Lot has made his bed, now it’s time for him to lie in it. All choices have consequences, and Lot had each opportunity to make better selections. But earlier than we make quick work of Lot’s condemnation, permit’s take be aware that Lot is not the principle character on this story, and his obvious condemnation isn’t always the very last chapter.

Even as the fireplace starts to fall, the Bible says that Lot “hesitated” (Genesis 19:16). Only God knows why Lot might have hesitated even as the lives of his family lay in the stability. But is it feasible that Lot’s heart was so welded to the metropolis and its methods that strolling away become a mission? It is in Lot’s hesitation that we read the beautiful statement that pierces the darkness and draws our attention heavenward.

Despite Lot’s slowness to go away the burning metropolis, the angels “capture” the own family by their fingers with the intention to do for them what they are seemingly unwilling to do for themselves, and we’re advised that this salvation scene is made feasible because the Lord was “merciful to him” (Genesis 19:16, ESV).

If God could have allowed this circle of relatives to go down with the town, there would be few people, if any, who would accuse God of any injustice. Surely this becomes what Lot deserved. In the same manner that each one men deserve loss of life, hell, and judgment due to their sinful revolt, so too, Lot is deserving of God’s judgment.

However, God restrains his righteous judgment for no motive aside from his own goodness. Be careful, but, not to confuse God’s mercy or his restraint as simple oversight on God’s factor.

When God’s regulation is broken a person should endure the burden of that offense. In Lot’s case, as in mine and yours, mercy comes at a high price: the very blood of Christ. Mercy is not God overlooking our sin. It is the loving redirection of the judgment of that sin to every other.

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What Does This Mean?

When God withholds the judgment from us that we rightly deserve, he lays it squarely on the blood-soaked shoulders of our Redeemer. It is no twist of fate that in the Old Testament sacrificial system, the region where the blood is offered for the sins of the people is called the “mercy seat.”

But the consequences of the blood carried out in this altar have been best temporary and only pointed to a more sacrifice that would someday be made “as soon as for all” (Hebrews 10:10) whilst Christ could take the penalty for our sin in order that we’d move loose.

Again, it’s far no accident that Lot and his circle of relatives were spared their rightful punishment due to the fact God “remembered Abraham” (Genesis 19:29). It become God’s covenant faithfulness to Abraham that secured mercy for Lot, and it is the new covenant in Christ’s blood that secures mercy for us.

Yes. Although God is a God of justice He is likewise a God of mercy. The Bible says that God’s mercy is an attribute He possesses. Mercy can be defined as God’s divine goodness that He exercises toward His creatures. The mercy of God is expressed in some of methods.

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