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How To Know God’s Perfect Timing In Your Life

What is God’s Timing?

I trust God has a particular calling for each one of us. If you’ve got examine any of my preceding writings that I wholeheartedly embrace this notion. I consider God has created us all precise with special gifts, potential, and strengths. He has allowed us to have diverse lifestyles evaluation. I also consider He has located us in special geographical places around the globe if you want to fulfill His plans and functions.


Here are three suggestions when ready on God’s timing.

  • Recognize God’s timing isn’t always our timing:

I guess one of the most hard matters we should grapple with as believers is the idea of God’s timing. We want to understand His timing isn’t our very own. God operates in the realm of eternity. Eternity has no time constraints.

In our present day technological age we are use to instantaneous effects. When we don’t see God operating fast enough in our lives doubt can enter our minds. I realize it has for me. We may additionally surprise if God has forgotten us. Or perhaps question His calling for our lives. The temptation right here is to quit too soon.

If this is resonating with you at all, I want to remind you that God loves you and He has a plan to your lifestyles. Don’t grow weary because matters aren’t going speedy sufficient for you or precisely the way you deliberate. Instead press into God. Lean now not on your own information, but instead ask the Holy Spirit to offer you understanding, steering and route. Remember what Jeremiah the prophet said,

I recognize the functions and plans I have for you says the Lord, plans of a future and a desire. ~Jeremiah 29:11

How To Know God's Perfect Timing In Your Life
We know that God’s plan for our lives is good, and when we entrust ourselves to Him, we can experience total peace and happiness.

Gain more of spiritual perspective:

Stepping back and gaining an objective view of what’s taking place in our lives can be very beneficial. Every now and then we need to take a thoughtful non secular evaluation of our lives. When we do we are able to gain terrific readability, peace of mind, and insight. Here are 4 essential questions to ask with a purpose to benefit a greater spiritual perspective:

  • What is God doing in my life?
  • Where is He operating finest?
  • What is He teaching me?
  • Where do I want to grow?

Perhaps God desires to deepen your faith. Maybe He needs to reveal something to you at some point of this season approximately areas of wished growth. Perhaps He desires to provide you with a new vision. Have you quieted your mind and spirit long enough to feel His course or calling? During this season ask God to expose Himself robotically. Continue earnestly in prayer asking Him to reveal you what He wishes you to know. I like what David, the psalmist writes.

Show me Your approaches, O Lord; train Your paths. Lead me in Your truth and educate me, for you’re the God of my salvation; on You I wait all of the day. ~Psalm 25:4

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  • Draw more to the coronary heart of God:

God is a jealous God. He dreams our whole coronary heart. He wants us wholeheartedly trusting Him. This is important because regularly we want to place our consider in tangible matters, humans, or our own experience and accomplishments.

God want us to discover ways to locate our complete believe in Him. Somehow whilst we get to an area in which we are totally dependent on Him, He starts to move mightily in our lives. He want us to understand that in our weakness, He turns into our energy, in our uncertainty He turns into our peace, in our wavering and unknowing He well-known shows Himself strong.

I love the verse in the Bible that says,

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro all through the whole earth, to expose Himself sturdy on behalf of those whose heart is unswerving to Him. ~2 Chronicles 16:9

If you feel that God is asking you something, don’t surrender too soon. He loves us. He did now not deposit goals and callings into our hearts no longer to bring them into fruition: be patient, ask critical questions, and trust God for His goodness.


God’s Perfect Timing

How to know the time of God for our life

God has his personal experience of timing: ‘With the Lord at some point is as 1000 years and one thousand years as sooner or later’ (2 Peter three:8, AMP). He has perfect timing: never early, never overdue. God is by no means in a rush, but he’s constantly on time.

We see in today’s passages that the Lord is sovereign over the destiny (Daniel 4:32). ‘We are searching ahead to a brand new heaven and a brand new earth’ (2 Peter 3:13). God goes to vindicate his people (Psalm 135:14).

But what can we do at the same time as we’re watching for God to do what he has promised to do?


#1. Trust in the Lord

Psalm one 135:13–21

When your prayers don’t seem to be replied, you may be tempted to stop trusting the Lord and start chasing other ‘gods’.

Trusting within the Lord might also seem a little old-fashioned. But the psalmist says, ‘God, your name is everlasting, God, you’ll never be out-of-date’ (v.13, MSG).

The wonderful biblical truth is that you emerge as like that in which you positioned your believe. If you positioned your consider in ‘gods’ of silver or gold, then you will be like them – spiritually lifeless, blind and deaf (Psalm 135:16–18). If you agree with God, you may be packed with lifestyles and pleasure as you end up like him.

Keep trusting God, ‘For the Lord will vindicate his people  and feature compassion on his servants’ (v.14). ‘God stands up for his people, God holds the fingers of his people’ (v.14, MSG). Hence, the psalmist calls the people of God to reward and fear the Lord (vv.19–21).

You want to remain totally depending on God and search for him to vindicate you. When things aren’t working out as you want, be patient. Stop trying to pass beforehand of God. His timing is best. Trust him.

Lord, thank you that you vindicate your people and feature compassion for your servants. Help me to trust in you, worship you on my own and to grow to be like you – complete of affection, joy and peace.


#2. Turn to the Lord

2 Peter 3:1–18

When we look at all the evil inside the world – all the wars, violence, institutional torture, awful crimes and the quantity of struggling – we might surprise why Jesus does not come back now and kind it all out.


Why does God postpone? Why has the Lord not back already?

Peter warns us that people will mock us and say, ‘So what’s occurred to the promise of his Coming?’ He says there may be a very good cause for his postpone. The reason that the Lord has no longer come already is to give people more time to repent.

God isn’t in a rush. ‘With the Lord a day is sort of a thousand years, and one thousand years are like a day’.

God isn’t being gradual in retaining his promise. Rather, the postpone comes from his patience: ‘He is affected person with you, no longer looking every person to perish, but every person to come back to repentance’. ‘God isn’t late along with his promise as a few measure lateness. He is restraining himself resulting from you, holding back the End because he doesn’t want everybody misplaced. He’s giving everybody a time to alternate’.

Repentance is all approximately an alternate of path in our lives. It is popping faraway from all of the horrific stuff in our lives and turning to Jesus. By giving his people time to repent God is lovingly preserving the door open for his or her salvation. ‘Interpret our Master’s patient restraint for what it’s far: salvation’.

This topic of salvation is one of the super topics of Paul’s letters, and so at this factor Peter refers to them. I find it encouraging that he describes them as every so often ‘tough to understand’– if we struggle to recognize them, we now recognize we’re in exact good company!

Significantly, Peter then is going on to examine them with the Old Testament (‘the alternative scriptures’,). In doing so, he demonstrates that the early church and apostles understood the New Testament writings as having the equal divine authority as the ones of the Old Testament.

The Lord will come at a time while we don’t expect him (‘like a thief’,). The world as we understand it will be ‘laid bare’. There may be ‘a brand new heaven and a brand new earth’. The New Testament vision of the future is not so much of people‘going as much as heaven’ – instead it’s far that there will be ‘a new heaven and a new earth’.

Despite the mockers who scoff at the delay in Jesus’ go back, you may agree with that it’ll take place and that the ‘new heaven’ and the ‘new earth’ is a certain future need. Again and again, Peter factors out that God is faithful to his words and his guarantees. The fact is that what God says will actually show up.

The way to put together for this sure, but not on time, future is ‘to live a holy life’ and ‘daily count on the Day of God, keen for its arrival’ and ‘be determined living at your fine, in purity and peace’, and to ‘grow in grace and knowledge of our Master and Savior, Jesus Christ’.

Grace is undeserved love. You grow in grace as you turn to the Lord, depending on him in every situation you face, bringing your needs to him day by day, as you eagerly expect his return.

Lord, thank you for your super love and staying in power. Thank you that, you don’t want anybody to perish however absolutely everyone to return to repentance. As I await your coming, help me to turn to you, to live a holy and godly lifestyles and to be discovered spotless, innocent and at peace with you.

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#3. Thank the Lord

Daniel 4:19–5:16

Pride comes earlier than a fall – as I even have discovered oftentimes in my life. Everything we have comes from God. We are structured upon him for our next breath. He is in control of the beyond, present and future. Thanksgiving activates humility.

‘When it comes to lifestyles, the crucial factor is whether or not you are taking things as a right or take them with gratitude’, wrote G. K. Chesterton.

It is distinctly smooth to skip on a message of encouragement from the Lord. It is less easy to convey a message of rebuke. Daniel find it confusing and alarming, however he turned into obedient to the Lord (4:19 onwards).

The mistake Nebuchadnezzar made, and that every person probably make occasionally, is to think that what he had executed was all his own doing: ‘Is not this the incredible Babylon I actually have built as the royal house, by way of my mighty power and for the honors of my majesty?’. Be wary of using ‘I’ and ‘my’ on this manner!

The lesson that God needed to educate Nebuchadnezzar, and on occasion has to teach us, is that the whole thing you have is a gift from God – ‘the Most High is sovereign over the kingdoms on the planet and offers them to anybody he wishes’.

Our non secular presents, our bodies, families, houses, intellect, seems, cash, carrying skills – are all items from God. Your response to any success ought to now not be one in all pleasure or self-congratulation, however one in every of praise and way to God – honoring him and exalting him for what he has given you.

Nebuchadnezzar took matters for granted and did not supply thanks and glory to the Lord for what the Lord had achieved for him. Rather, he noticed it all because the work of his very own palms.

When Nebuchadnezzar turned into restored he realized that everything he had got here from God. Instead of taking the distinction himself, he thanked and glorified God, ‘singing and praising the King of Heaven’.

Humility does no longer imply pretending that you do not have what you have got, however as an alternative, it manner recognizing the supply of what you have got, and giving the reward wherein it’s far due: ‘Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because the entirety he does is proper and all his ways are just’.

His testimony is summed up with those words, ‘He is aware of how to turn a proud person right into a humble individual’.

Daniel says to Nebuchadnezzar, ‘So, king, take my advice: Make a clean spoil together with your sins and begin living for others. Quit your depraved life and look after the wishes of the down-and-out. Then you will hold to have an awesome lifestyle’.

The next technology did not research the lessons of the past. King Belshazzar broke the command to worship God on hisown, and ‘praised the gods of gold and silver, of bronze, iron, wooden and stone’.

As with Nebuchadnezzar, underneath the surface there has been a deep-rooted fear in Belshazzar’s life – he did not have peace with God. Both had been warned by God and advised what to do. The difference is that Nebuchadnezzar repented, humbled himself, acknowledged and thanked God, while Belshazzar did not.

Daniel himself was ‘widely known for his highbrow brilliance and spiritual information’. He changed into full of the Holy Spirit. There must have been an awesome temptation to satisfaction. Yet Daniel remained humbly depending on God, giving him all of the glory and honors and thanksgiving.

Lord, thanks that you are in charge of this universe and the entirety we’ve got comes from you. I want to provide you all of the praise and honors and glory.



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