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The Second Coming of Jesus: Prepare Yourself

Jesus is coming again! How can we know? Because He stated so. He said,

“I go to put together a place for you. And if I go and prepare an area for you, then  I WILL COME AGAIN…” John 14:2-three


Jesus is coming for those WHO accepted him

When the Bible speaks of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is not speaking of death, neither is it speaking of the approaching of the Holy Spirit. It is speaking of the personal, seen coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. At the time of Christ’s ascension, even as the disciples stood watching Him move up into Heaven,  angels seemed to them and said,

“Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven? This equal Jesus…will so come in like manner as you noticed Him move into heaven.” Acts 1:11

How will Jesus come? He will come in the same manner wherein He ascended into Heaven. The disciples noticed Jesus pass returned into Heaven, and those who’re dwelling when He comes once more will see Him then.

When is Jesus coming? What will occur whilst He comes? What will manifest to the unbelievers and to the Christians when the Lord comes once more? These are essential questions, and we will find the solutions to them in this lesson.

When is Jesus Coming?

Does any man recognize the precise time of the Lord’s coming? No. The Lord Jesus stated, “But of that day and hour knows no man.” Since we do no longer understand exactly whilst the Lord is coming, we have to be ready for His coming always. The right mind-set of a Christian is to be always looking for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

The Second Coming of Jesus: Prepare Yourself
As we anticipate the Savior’s return to reign on the earth, we must prepare ourselves individually, as families, and as a people.

What are the Signs of Jesus’ Coming?

Though we can’t recognize the precise time when Jesus will come, we do recognize that He is coming quickly. How can we understand this? By the symptoms which the Bible gives concerning the time of His coming. Let us see how those are being fulfilled.


#1. Wars

Jesus said that, the end time instances would be marked by means of an extraordinary increase within the wide variety of wars. There have usually been wars, but Jesus said that the end time instances would be marked via a awesome boom in the variety of wars. He said, “For country will rise towards country, and nation in opposition to nation.” Since World War II there were greater than 45 wars, 12 of them primary in scope.


#2. Famines, pestilences, earthquakes


‘There can be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.’

The Lord Jesus stated ‘there may be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in numerous places.’ Never before in records have the scientists recorded so many earthquakes as they’ve experienced it in the past two decades ago.


#3. Israeli flag

600 years before the time of Christ, Israel ceased to exist as a nation. The Jews have been scattered to the ends of the earth. But the Bible prophesied that God could carry His people returned into their land inside the ultimate days, and that the barren region which had lain barren for see you later would “blossom as a rose.” This has been fulfilled.


#4. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is now managed with the aid of the Jews.

The Lord Jesus gave a fair extra unique signal of the cease instances. This signal worries the city of Jerusalem. The Lord Jesus said,

‘Jerusalem may be trampled by way of Gentiles until the instances of the Gentiles are fulfilled.’ Luke 21:24

Jerusalem has been controlled by means of the Gentiles—individuals who had been now not Jews—for about 1900 years. But in 1967, the Israelis captured the town of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is now controlled through Jews now. This is some other signal that the approaching of the Lord Jesus is at near.


#5. Ten kingdoms

The Bible says that, within the ultimate days, there might be a confederation of ten countries out of what became the vintage Roman Empire. The European Common Market may need to probable be this confederation.


#6.Peace efforts

Another sign of the closing days is the top notch growth in peace conferences. But peace efforts have failed and will hold to fail until Jesus comes. He is the Prince of Peace, and there may be no peace in the globe until He is reigning. The Bible says,

“The ambassadors of peace will weep bitterly.” Isaiah 33:7


#7.Travel and know-how

The Bible says that at the time of the return of the Christ,

“many shall run from side to side, and understanding will be accelerated.” Daniel 12:4


#8.Great wickedness

The world is not getting higher; instead, it’s miles getting a whole lot worse. This is a success of the phrases of the Lord Jesus,

“As it became in the days of Noah so it is going to be additionally in the days of the Son of man.” Luke 17:26

And God noticed that the wickedness of men became exceptional in the earth

What was it like in the days of Noah? It was a time of first-rate wickedness in the world. The Bible says,

“And God saw that the wickedness of men changed into excellent in the earth, and that each creativeness of the mind of his heart turned into most effective evil continually.” Genesis 6:5


#9. Spiritism, witchcraft

The current hobby in horoscopes, fortune-tellers, witchcraft, and spiritism is another signal that we’re residing in the closing days

The Bible says,

“Now the Spirit expressly says that within the latter instances some will leave from the religion, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1


#10. Apostasy

The Bible tells us that the final days simply before Jesus comes can be marked by using exquisite apostasy. The word “apostasy” method “a falling faraway from the truth.” This prophecy has been fulfilled.

In the various seminaries and Bible schools, the teachers and professors not consider that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. These men make light of the miracles, deny the virgin beginning of Christ, deny that Jesus Christ is God, and destroy the religion of these they educate.

Those men deny the necessity of the new delivery and preach that God is the Father of all men and that all men are brothers

WARNING: Do no longer examine below the coaching of individuals who deny the remarkable truths of the Bible. The Bible says,

“Stop listening to teaching that contradicts what you recognize is proper.” Proverbs 19:27 (TLB)

There is super apostasy in lots of churches also. Many ministers who claim to be servants of Christ now not preach the gospel. They now not preach that men are lost sinners and need to be saved via religion within the blood of Christ. Instead, those men deny the need of the new delivery and pontificate that God is the Father of all men and that all men are brothers. The Bible says, “From such pull away.”

What do those signs tell us? They tell us that JESUS IS COMING SOON! He ought to come these days! The Lord Jesus stated,

“When you see these things happening, understand that the kingdom of God is near.” Luke 21:31


What Will Happen When Jesus Comes?

First, the Lord Jesus will come secretly to take His church out of the world. In a second, “within the short while,” every believer can be caught up to meet the Lord.

What will the world be like when all of the Christians are gone? It could be a world without decency and discretion. Evil and wickedness will abound as never earlier than.

At this time, a brilliant man will seem on the planet. He will possess great management capability and marvelous powers. He may also be able to name down fireplace from heaven. But his power will no longer come from God; his power will come from Satan.

The Bible calls this man “the Antichrist.” The word “anti” means against. He is against God and against Christ.

Through deceit and his magnificent powers, Satan’s Antichrist will gain manipulate of the complete global. No one might be capable to buy or sell without his mark. He will set up a first-rate photo and require humans to worship him and his picture. Those who refuse to do so might be killed.


The Great Tribulation

The first part of the Antichrist’s reign might be a time of awesome prosperity on this planet. This will take approximately three and a half of years. Then will come a time of top notch hassle and misery as God pours out His wrath on a wicked, Christ-rejecting global. This horrible time is referred to as “The Great Tribulation.”

Then will come a time of top notch problem and misery

The Bible says that, presently, there will be disturbances within the heavens. The sun will flip black; the moon will turn blood red. On earth, there might be plagues, diseases, earthquakes, and famines. One third of the population of the world can be killed.

One may think that those who had heard and rejected the gospel before could genuinely repent of their sins and flip to Christ for the duration of the Great Tribulation, but they may no longer.


The Bible says,

‘due to the fact they did not get hold of the love of the truth, that they are probably stored. God will send them robust myth, that they need to accept as true with the lie, that all of them can be condemned who did now not accept as true with the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.’ 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.

The Lord Jesus will return to earth in incredible strength and glory

Read additionally Revelation nine:20-21. It is certainly a severe aspect to reject the gospel!

Following the horrible events of the Great Tribulation, the Lord Jesus will go back to earth in superb mighty and glory. He will damage His enemies and set up His kingdom right here in the world. The Bible says,

“the Lord Jesus will be found out from heaven with His amazing angels, in flaming hearth taking vengeance on folks that do not understand God, and on folks that do no longer obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 1:7-8


Jesus Is Coming Soon!

From what we’ve got seen on this lesson, we understand that the Lord Jesus is coming once more SOON!

For the unbelievers, the approaching of the Lord Jesus might be a time of terror and judgment. But, for the Christians, the coming of the Lord is related to the phrase ‘hope’.


#1. It is a blessed hope

Lord Jesus is coming again so SOON (illustration by Stephen Bates)

When Jesus comes, He will alternate our bodies to be like His wonderful resurrection body. This will take region in an instant. Then we shall be all the time with our Lord. The Bible says,

‘Looking for that blessed desire and the superb acting of the extremely good God and our Savior Jesus Christ’. Titus 2:13


#2. It is a comforting hope

The unbelieving people bury their useless without a hope of ever seeing them again. But no longer so with the Christians. When Jesus comes, our cherished ones who died trusting Him may be raised from the lifeless, and we will be reunited with them forever.


#3. It is a purifying hope

The Christian who really believes that the approaching of the Lord is close to “purifies himself,”—that is, he gets himself prepared for the Lord’s coming. Why? Because he knows that he’ll soon stand earlier than the Lord Jesus to give an account of his life. The Bible says,

“For we need to all seem before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one might also acquire the matters accomplished in the body, consistent with what he has performed, whether desirable or bad.” 2 Corinthians 5:10

At the judgment seat of Christ, we can be judged for what we’ve got achieved after we have been saved

At the judgment seat of Christ, we are able to be judged for what we have achieved once we were saved. This will be a solemn occasion for all believers.

What are a number of the matters the Lord will judge us with the aid of in that day? He will decide us with the aid of how a whole lot of His Word we’ve found out and obeyed. He will choose us through our obedience or loss of obedience to the Great Commission. He will call us before Him and say, “I devoted the gospel to you. What did you do this others is probably saved?” He will choose us through how we have used our time, our competencies, and our cash.

Some believers may be determined to be trustworthy servants and will get hold of awesome rewards from the Lord. Others could be located to be untrue servants and will be handled as such. Perhaps a number of us will desire that we should live our lives another time, however we’ve handiest one lifestyles. What we can do for the Lord, we have to do it now.


Will You Be Ready?

What can I do for my Savior earlier than He comes? How can I glorify Him? How need to my time, my money, and my skills be used for Him? These are questions that must issue every serious-minded Christian.

If you certainly believe that Jesus is coming quickly, right here are some matters that you must do:

  • Do the work at hand: God has a job for you currently. Do it well. When God has something one of a kind to be able to do, He will display it to you.
  • Grow in grace and expertise of the Lord Jesus: You do that via prayer and Bible observe and with the aid of serving the Lord.
  • Prepare yourself to serve God: Learn God’s Word. Memorize Scripture. Keep your daily Quiet Time.
  • Win others to the Lord Jesus.
  • Deny yourself and stay for the Lord Jesus and for others: This is the secret of a fruitful existence. The Lord Jesus said,

“unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains on my own; however if it dies, it produces plenty grain.” John 12:24

  • Maintain Christian fellowship with different believers: You need to belong to and faithfully help a nearby, Bible-believing church.



In the early days of the church, the Christians had a phrase for greeting and departing. It became the word “Maranatha.” The word “Maranatha” way, “Our Lord is coming!” We can think of no better way to quit this path.

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